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Live: 4,216 teams have already tested 124,088 hypotheses and conducted 110,038 customer interviews leading to 20,176 pivots

9 in 10 New Ventures Fail

It is time to change the way we manage our portfolio of startups.

As an Investor

Steve Blank (architect of the Lean LaunchPad process) explains how LaunchPad Central gives investors X-Ray vision into their investments.

As a Practitioner

Jim Hornthal shares how LaunchPad Central helps the teaching and mentoring of student teams as a practitioner of the Lean LaunchPad at Stanford, Berkeley & Princeton

See how customers are leveraging LaunchPad Central

"There's simply no way we could have [scaled] without LaunchPad Central."

- Errol Arikilic, Founding & Former Lead Program Directors of NSF Innovation Corps

"The evidence-based approach is to get out of the building, to talk to the real people who might really buy the product, to find out those details, and to record the results of the interviews - that is a crucial part to the puzzle."

- Rex Northen, Executive Director of CleanTech Open

"It probably would have been years before we would have ultimately realized we were taking an inappropriate tact"

- Dr. Hobart Harris, Founder of Vitruvian Theraputics

"You can actually track which pivots you’ve made, why you made those, and be very cognizant of the process you are going through."

- Lee Redden, CTO & Co-Founder of Blue River Technology

"Reviewing LaunchPad Central is 100x better for me as a faculty member than reading business plans..."

- Mike Marasco, Director of Farley Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"As a mentor, it allows me to step into the incubator/accelerator without ever having to be there."

- Ross Bjella, Mentor at VETransfer

Benefits for the Entire Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

  • Support a "flipped classroom" with embedded lectures on "How to Build a Startup"
  • Track key cohort performance metrics on a daily, weekly, and cumulative basis
  • Aggregate structured peer inputs and instructor grading on team progress presentations
  • Enable individual and group messaging without list creation or maintenance
  • Visualize a team's business model canvas evolution over time
  • Enable contextual conversations on experiments and customer interviews
  • View a team's domain expertise, balance, market size, and market type
  • Share common resources across cohort
  • Provide transparency on mentor-team engagement
  • Increase mentor productivity
  • Reduce mentor fatigue
  • Gain visibility into mentors’ qualitative and quantitative engagement with teams
  • Triage your portfolio for efficient resource management
  • Generate "war room" discussions for enhanced pattern recognition
  • Accelerate due diligence
  • Capture & share "institutional memory" for future cohorts
  • Compare and contrast cohorts across key metrics
  • Enable cohort messaging without list creation or maintenance
  • Provide insight into fund performance for LP's
  • Uncover Opportunities.
  • Validate Initiatives.
  • Accelerate Commercialization.
  • Learn more about how LaunchPad helps enterprises here
  • Expedite evaluation of commercialization opportunities from your portfolio of technologies
  • Scale the highly experiential Lean LaunchPad process
  • Inform future grant investment theses