How It Works
LaunchPad Central enables the practice of evidence-based innovation.
How it Works How it Works
Features for team members:
Iterative and collaborative Business Model Canvas
Customer interviews and insights organized by week
Aggregated customer insights on your business assumptions
Platform integration with Steve Blank’s Lean Startup videos
Internal messaging with instructors and peers
Presentation section to upload files with feedback from instructors and peers
Customizable team homepage
Full data export in .pdf and .csv formats
Features for faculty and mentors:
Interactive Cohort Dashboard of teams’ progress
Customizable “Resource Hub” for course materials
Ability to add comments to students’ hypotheses and interviews
Feedback tool to provide notes directly to a team
Ability to add colleagues as mentors and observers
Trackable mentor interactions
Video viewing reports by team
Scoring and comments report for student presentations
Full data export in .pdf and .csv formats